Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weigh In from 9/2/14

Below are the pictures and stats from this week. The number in parentheses will be total lost from starting point.


Weight for today, 9/2/14: 237 pounds (-8)

Neck:  17 inches (-.5)
Chest:  48 inches (-3)
Waist:  44 inches (-5)
Upper arms:  16 inches (-2, -1 from each arm)
Upper thighs:  26.5 inches (-1, -.5 from each thigh)
Hips: 49.5 inches (-3.5)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Try, Try, Again! Start of New Journey 8-26-14

So, it's probably evident that I didn't stay on track with my weight loss journey. I'm going to attempt to do this again. I am starting today 8/26/14. Below you will find my pictures and current stats. I will try to update weekly. 


Weight for today, 8/26/14: 245lbs

Neck:  17.5 inches
Chest:  51 inches
Waist:  49 inches
Upper arm:  17 inches
Upper thigh:  27 inches
Hips: 53 inches

Thursday, December 19, 2013


I thought it would be beneficial and therapeutic to start blogging and documenting this weight loss journey.

For those of you who know me, my weight has been a struggle for a long time. I tend to be an emotional eater and a binge eater when going through emotionally challenging times. I've been on this current weight loss journey since November 1, 2013. We are currently almost 7 weeks in.

Prior to conceiving my daughter I was able to lose nearly 60 pounds through calorie counting and exercise. During my pregnancy with her I gained most of it back and after her birth my weight quickly climbed back to my all time high (the number I was at prior to the 60 pound weight loss) I've never really told anyone that number. But for accountability sake, I will try and be more transparent here. This will be a journal of my progress, frustrations, victories, and food ideas.

So, I'm trying to make changes. I am a fast food and pop addict. This coupled with my emotional eating habits makes losing weight very difficult. My husband is currently deployed overseas and my emotional health is tested on a daily basis.

Below I will list my starting stats from November and also where I am now. I will also share first goal outfit photos. These photos are of me in a bathing suit that I hope to wear on a Caribbean cruise I will be taking at the beginning of March.

So, here's the stats:

Weight for November 1, 2013: 240lbs
Weight for today, December 19, 2013: 225lbs

Measurements: The measurement in parentheses will be from my first measuring in November. The current measurements are from a few days ago on December 17, 2013.

Neck: (18in.)  16in.
Upper Arms: (16.5in.)  14.5in.
Upper Thighs: (26in.)   24in.
Hips: (52in.)   48in.
Natural Waist: (44.5in.)    41.5in.
Bust: (50in.)    47in.